Protecting your trust

We are pleased to announce the success of the “1st Security Financial Trustor Deposit Account”, (TDA). We voluntarily established this account to better protect your business and give greater peace of mind that your monies are safe and secure.

Among other things, this account:

  • Holds all of our Trustors Deposits
  • Is held by a third party trust company in a separate account
  • Is fully insured
  • Not subject to the claims of 1st Security’s creditors
  • Is subject to a security interest for the benefit of the trustors
  • Is liquid in order to guarantee timely payment of claims and redemptions

This "TDA" or "Trustor Deposit Account" service is consistent with our tradition of leading the way in adopting what we believe are the best practices in the industry. 1st Security has been an independently owned and operated BMC-85 provider since 2003. It is not affiliated with any other BCM-85 provider. We consider our principles, ethical practices and procedures to be a driving force in restoring the integrity to the freight brokerage sector of the transportation community. We have always offered the highest quality professional services in the business and we will continue to do so.

1st Security Financial Corporation is a licensed Financial Institution incorporated in Ohio, authorized to hold collateral for and file BMC-85 Trust Fund Agreements by authority of Title 49 CFR 387.307©.

The FMCSA assigned DOT Trustee Account #24886. They may be reached at (202) 358-7000

State of Ohio. Financial Institutions Division License # SL.400131.000 They may be reached at (614) 728-8400

For more details, contact us at (614) 487-8584 or email us at